Doctor TJ Eckleburg’s simple plan to deal with disillusionment 

My Mission Statement
I’ll watch over the poor, to keep the rich safe. You can be sure that my techniques are the newest and the coolest in the whole medicine field. The only way to deal with disillusionment is to attach yourself to a cause and the time, and I successfully tell my patients who and what to fellow so they can achieve the future they want.

My office is located in New York City. I will always be pumping that Jazz through my brand new radio. Also, see my billboard in the Valley of Ashes for more information.

Nick Carraway
Nothing defies the time as you my friend. You are the one who is truly confused. You do not know who you are. But, you don’t let others know. You observe friends and learn. You embosom the President of the time, Calvin Coolidge. By keeping quiet, Silent Cal was able to gain popularity. For most people, they like to hear themselves, and have others hear them. In a time where people were experimenting, they wanted people around them to not question them. By not questioning you yourself can gain from this, just as Calvin Coolidge did. Like Calvin Coolidge you sit back and do nothing, and you can gain from how you want to live your life.

Jay Gatsby
You had a plan. But that changed. You now need to find a quick way to get what you want. The time is yours, who so you think. The American dream has a loophole, and you can exploit it. You have the will, the intelligence, and the power. Prohibition has left a nation hungry, and you can feed it. You can use your booze and your power to get what you want. A woman. Lavish parties can draw her too you. Excess of wealth can bring her to her knees. This time is yours for the taking. You can use your skills to change the system and get ahead. You were born to live here and now.

Tom Buchanan,
To Tom Buchanan. You are a strong in body. You are a brute of a man. But you are not strong in mind. People, you don’t even know, are trying to rise up and take everything from you. The ninety twenties are a time of dishonesty and corruption, and you are a man of integrity. You have to stop this onslaught of vice. In order to put down the ones who desperately cling for something they do not deserve. Nativism is the answer. Tom, you are not a racist, but instead you are a visionary. Put your affairs into the Sacco and Vanzetti case. These two Italian immigrants murdered two men during a robbery. Also, they are anarchists. These are not the only threats. This is just the start. It might also be wise to join the Ku Klux Klan in order to intimidate anyone who is against you. They do not believe in the rules you believe in. You do could die from someone else trying to rob you. And, you yourself steal, what is most precious to other men, such as, Myrtle from George. You must watch your own back in these times. There may also be a similar threat to you. A man of lesser values seeks your wife. If you can defeat the foreign threats, like Sacco and Vanzetti, you can defeat any threat.

You are like King Tutankhamun. You are young, powerful, and men seek you in hopes of finding a better future for their hopes and dreams. But you must pick and choose the jade that surrounds your tomb. You must chose who you want to spend your time with, and this choice will define you. The most difficult part of decision is that a curse surrounds the one who seeks you and does not claim you. The curse is who you really are. You are a promise, but a hollow one. Please, take care, because your decisions effect people in ways you could never understand.

You know how to get what you want. You shop around. You are a consumer. Products are everywhere. You can get whatever you want, such as, Refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines. You are swayed by the new advertising, and are now being manipulated to want something new. You don’t want appliances, but instead you want a lifestyle. You saw Tom Buchanan, and you shopped for him, until you got what you want. Now you ride his money to what you want. But excess spending cannot buy the things that are important, because they are not for sale.

George Wilson
You truly live in the ashes. But, from the ashes rises the phoenix. How can you gain what you truly deserve? Faith. You have seen the darks in the world, and know where the light is. Eyes watch you, and judge your every move. You cannot trust anyone. You can only put your trust in God. You much listen to revivalists. You can even hear them through a radio. Take every piece of the bible literally, just as you take everything around you as symbolically real. Take creationism as the light that guide’s you. A man and a woman together is the only way to achieve peace. Billy Sunday preaches of the evils that have taking over your wife. Evils such as drinking, gambling, and dancing have corrupted her. They have taking hold on her, and you must literally hold onto her.

Jordan Baker
The Old heroes are out of touch. In these times, now anyone can achieve his or her claim to fame. You yourself live amongst people who are famous for unknown reasons. Such as, Jay Gatsby. No longer do Politicians have the limelight. Americans now want to hear about movie stars, record breakers, and even athletes. People want to hear about the knockouts of heavyweight boxer Jack Dempsey, the touchdowns scored by Jim Thorpe, and the homeruns hit by Babe Ruth. Why can’t they be interested in the golf tournaments won by Jordan Baker? Well they can. Women are only now getting ahead. You could be a leader of a generation. You could become the best women’s golfer. But, in order to be successful you have to get rid of anyone who does not share your dream. And, you have to do anything to get what you want. The truth does not matter. The media has control, and they can say what ever they want.

To incorporate the time and the characters I related each character with a specific event that was happening while F. Scott Fitzgerald was writing The Great Gatsby. I wanted to have Doctor TJ Eckleburg in the story, so I made him give is own special prescriptions to the main characters. I got my information from Newman, John J., and John M. Schmalbach. United States History. 2nd ed. New York: Amsco School Publications, Inc. I found it interesting that I was able to fit the characters so well with the events of the age. I now have a different understanding of all the characters, because of this research. Such as, Tom is afraid of immigrants and people who are taking what he believes is his, and that is why he is angry when someone like James Gats tries to take his wife.
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